Friday, October 5, 2007

Democrats: their prices are insaaaaane

According to Mitt Romney, supporting the Democratic proposal for an expanded SCHIP program is so unwise that it'd be like offering a customer a 10% discount on top of your already low, low 10% sale price in order to move a product:

“Can you imagine doing something like that in your enterprise, saying we want to get a new customer, so we’re going to lower the price to get this new account by 10 percent but then we’re going to go to all of our old customers and all give them 10 percent off too?” Mr. Romney said.
Which, apparently no businessman would ever contemplate* because they're already selling under invoice, and you can't find prices like these at any of their competitors and they're already losing their shirts at this price and it's just too crazy and insane and just plain zany an idea to even contemplate, but I tell you what: let me run it by my sales manager and see what he says!!!

*Except maybe on President's Day, and the day after Thanksgiving, and maybe Dec. 26, or if you're a mattress salesman maybe every other week... at most.

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