Monday, November 5, 2007

American Hero

John Stewart's been a hero of mine for a while, but even moreso now.

In a show of solidarity with his fellow scribes, the Daily Show host has told his writing staff that he will cover all their salaries for the next two weeks, according to a well-placed source. He has also vowed to do the same for writers on The Colbert Report. A Comedy Central spokesman referred my inquiry about this to Stewart's personal publicist, who has yet to respond. Stewart's intention, says the source, is to ensure his writers will face no financial hardship should the strike, which kicked off at 3 a.m. local time, conclude within that timeframe


Anonymous said...

Uh, it is not much of a strike if someone is paying your salary. They call that vacation.

Patriot's Quill said...

You don't know a whole lot about strikes, then. One of the purposes of union dues is to allow workers to continue to pay their bills should a strike be deemed necessary. It's been like that forever.