Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More on Newsmax

The free-lance "reporter" Jim Davis who wrote the original article for Newsmax has been tracked down. Would you believe that he's a regular poster on the right-wing chat forum "free republic"? Of course you would... because Newsmax isn't a real news outlet and Jim Davis isn't a real reporter. These guys are just dishonest shock troops for the right-wing propaganda industry. At any rate, here are Davis' thoughts on the controversy:

My article was published in the first week of August. Everyone's memory was still fresh. I still had all of my notes. There hadn't been a lot of time to doctor or edit any videos or websites. But the Obama camp chose to remain silent at that time. I have repeatedly called the campaign and the church, asking for an interview and mentioning the July 22 date in the messages I've left.

If Obama wasn't there, they should have spoken up right away -- immediately after the article was published. I'd bring in my notes, they'd produce their videotape, and we would get everything cleared up right away. I stand behind my story, but if I was wrong, Newsmax would have published a retraction and that would have been the end of it.

Now, after everyone's memory has faded, my notes have been taken to some landfill and there has been plenty of time to doctor the videos and the websites, the Obama campaign tries to deny he was there? They could have nipped this little problem in the bud if Obama really was not there, and they had chosen to speak up.

I think they are relying on the fact that people have fading memories about who gave the sermon in the early morning and who gave it in the evening, on a Sunday eight months ago.

So Davis has no notes to back up his article and the website and video has since been doctored by Obama's cronies. A likely story. In a later post, Davis continues to insist that Obama attended the 7:30 am service, despite the fact that we've shown it would have been nearly impossible for him to do so. There is one circumstance that could save Davis, it must be noted. We might yet discover that Obama flew to Miami in an SR-71 spy plane.

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