Tuesday, February 17, 2009

George Soros is the Devil

I've always known that onetime GOP congressman and Rush Limbaugh clone J. D. Hayworth was borderline insane, but it's never been clearer than on yesterday's Hardball.

When Rep. Harold Ford reminds viewers that Bill Clinton's 1993 budget was passed on a party line vote with no Republican support and preceded the largest peacetime expansion of the economy in American History, Hayworth counters that it was in fact his election that casued the economic expansion. Then, when Chris Matthews asks Hayworth if the country would be better off continuing with the economic policies under which we've been operating over the past 8 years, Hayworth lets loose with some peculiar conspiracy theory about George Soros ambushing the U.S. economy and precipitating the current financial meltdown.

Hayworth's explanation of the roots of the current crisis is so peculiar, and so at odds with empirical reality, that host Chris Matthews is forced to brush him off the way one might ignore the cryptic ramblings of a homeless street person who walks by muttering barely intelligible jibberish about how the illuminati is after his shopping cart.

(Via Crooks and Liars).

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MartiniCocoa said...

It's like watching someone have a nervous breakdown live.