Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How do you take your FAIL?

Do you take it with cream and sugar?

There will be no tea-dumping in the Potomac River -- that's illegal -- but organizers of today's national tea party tax protest found out this morning that so is their plan to dump a million tea bags in Lafayette Square to demonstrate displeasure at government spending and tax policies.

Protesters, using a rented truck to haul the million tea bags, began unloading their cargo at the park this morning but were told by officials that they didn't have proper permits and must move the tea. They complied with the order but are still considering what to do with the load.
Of course, the Teabaggers are not pleased at this unjust intrusion of government into their lives:
The protest organizers were struggling to get the event together. They had originally planned to unload a rented truck filled with a million tea bags into the park, but were stopped by officials because they didn’t have a permit. A woman in charge of the protest announced that the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute had generously agreed to display the tea bags at its headquarters a few blocks away. She also said that there were originally supposed to be two stages with events, but the metropolitan police had blocked them from putting a stage on the sidewalk. A woman standing next to me leaned over and said, “That’s big government for you!”
Because obviously, if America were run by a government that was truly of the people and for the people it would be perfectly legal to dump 1,00,000 bags of tea anywhere you jolly please.

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PoliticallySpeaking said...

You know - rather than the teabaggers displaying the 1mm bags in a building, why don't they do something useful with them? Such as - donating them to shelters for the homeless or abused women, or a Veteran's hospital?