Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Danger of Time Travel (per planet Corner)

Writing about the new Star Trek film from planet Corner, Mark Kirkorian identifies the true danger of time travel:

I don't usually like time travel stories, ranking them just above holodeck cop-outs, but in this case it served a long-term purpose. Among Trek fans and writers, it's always been the position that only the TV series and the movies were "canonical" — i.e., genuine events in the Star Trek universe, while the novels and comic books (not to mention all the fan-authored stories) were not. But this movie has created an alternate timeline, and thus the possibility of an infinite number of alternate timelines. So instead of a Star Trek universe, there's now a Star Trek multiverse, where everyone's story (even the fatuous Kirk-Spock love stories) can be "canonical," because they take place in a parallel universe!

So lay off the time travel, OK guys? Unless you want to spawn an infinite number of parallel universes including a few in which you are gay!


Mo MoDo said...

Yeah. He's just a little tooo familiar with the slash fiction genre for comfort.

ManchuCandidate said...

As a Trekkie, he was right up till he started rambling on about the gay. It was one of the few times what the Corner ever made sense till that point.

I agree Mo MoDo, I think he spends way too much time "researching" gay porn.