Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Li'l miss Quitter

The blog Swing State Project notes that Sarah Palin has a history of quitting things mid-way through:

One other thought about Alaska that just about everyone in the tradmed seems to be missing. Sarah Palin did have a job in between being mayor of Wasilla and Alaska Governor: she was chair of Frank Murkowski's Oil and Gas Commission. How long was she on this Commission? Less than a year... until she quit in January 2004 with a big public huff (leaving the Commission in the lurch with only one member), saying "the experience was taking the 'oomph' out of her passion for government service and she decided to quit rather than becoming bitter."
To which the Daily Kos adds:
Don't forget that she also quit four different colleges en route to getting a degree in journalism. It seems that the one lesson Sarah Palin's learned her whole life is that quitters always win.

(Via Daily Kos)

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Mo MoDo said...

We are in Bizarro Politcal World. You have to quit to win. If she quits two more things, she'll be president.