Monday, December 6, 2010

Et Tu Fox?

As right wingers around the country fulminate over Wikileaks' publishing of secret Government comuniques and denounce the New York Times for reprinting excerpts from materials provided by that website, it is amusing to note that, far from ignoring the leaked materials, the most prominent conservative propaganda outlet in the nation seems just as eager to dig into the stolen government secrets and publicize their contents as anyone.

None other than Fox News is currently running a story entitled U.S. Documents Detail how Arab Allies Fund Terror Groups, whose findings are based on an examination of those same documents.

But then, is this really so surprising? After all conservatives got a head start on the game of spilling U.S. secrets for political advantage back when Dick Cheney sent Lewis "Scooter" Libby on a mission to expose Valerie Plame Wilson's CIA status to a willing right-wing media. What's a little national security breach between friends?


The Sardonicist said...

Just imagine how angry Fox News would be if a U.S. reporter in the field broadcast sensitive information on live television.

Oh, wait a minute, Geraldo Rivera actually DID do that in 2003 while reporting for, you guessed it, FOX NEWS!!

Patriot's Quill said...

LOL, skorpeo, I remember that. Just goes to show: money is the thing that drives Fox/Murdoch even moreso than ideology.