Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scandal in Academia!

A few days ago The Politico published an eyebrow raising "exposé" of the salaries of a number of high-profile academics who've attached themselves to or are in some way connected with the Obama administration. Presumably, We The People are to be scandalized that, as The Politico puts it, these academics enjoy: "lifestyles [that are] out of reach for the majority of Americans." Here are a few scandalous examples from the piece in question:

(Note from the Editor: I have no idea why the spacing is so screwed up on this)

Unworthy Academic

Cecilia Rouse
Elena Kagan
Steven Chu
subsidized mortgage
see below
Cecilia Rouse$300kPrinceton econ prof.
Elena Kagan$437kDean, Harvard Law
Steven Chu$412kBerkeley Physic prof., Nobel Laureate
Daniel Tarullo$218kGeorgetown Law prof.
Daniel TarulloTwo weeks in fabulous SwitzerlandWheel of Fortune
Visting professor, U. Basel.
John Holdren$93kEnvironmental policy prof., Harvard U.
John Holdren$250.00Apperance on David Letterman show

So I did a little comparison shopping to find out what our poor, unrecognized college football coaches are making in contrast:

Superstar Coach
2008 Record

Les Miles, LSU$3+ million8-5
Bob Stoops, U. of OK$6+ million12-2
Nick Saban, U. of Alabama$4+ million12-2
Urban Mayer, U. of Florida
$3+ million13-1
Kirk Ferentz, U. of Iowa$3+ millon9-4

Now, ordinarily I'd be shocked by the disparity in salary beween a college professor and a college football coach, but... well... you've gotta admit... a 13-1 record beats a Nobel Prize in Physics any day of the week.


Anonymous said...

Urban (not Arben) Meyer coaches for the University of Florida (not FSU).

Patriot's Quill said...

Thanks, corrected.

Mo MoDo said...

A mere Pulitzer Prize wouldn't even rank. Those coaches earn those perks exploiting the talent of unpaid NFL apprentice student-athletes.