Friday, February 13, 2009

Sore losers?

Obama's stimulus plan passes the House of Representatives, and not a single Republican congressman votes for it. This is plan that contained the single largest tax cut in US history. The tax cuts in this plan are bigger than the Reagan tax cut... bigger than the Bush tax cut. Many of these cuts were offered as an olive branch and an outstretched hand to the GOP to encourage them to support the package, and yet and not a single Republican Congressman voted for it, ostensibly because it didn't contain enough tax cuts to satisfy them. Think about that for a moment. Mull it over. Consider the implications.

Really, the GOP is coming out looking like nothing more than a bunch of sore losers who are still angry over the election. You can expect their poll numbers to sink even further while the House Democrats' numbers go up.

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The Sardonicist said...

the GOP is deathly afraid of somehow admitting they are failing as a party and ideology. by standing in oppostion to a wildly popular demo president, they can pat themselves on the back that they aren't caving into popular sentiment and "sticking to their guns"...even if they're guns are nothing more than being anti-democrat.