Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's a new day...

Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am was the genius behind "Yes we can," the hymn-like musical tribute to Barack Obama that became an anthem of sorts for the campaign and which did a better job of conveying our hopes and fears for the dream we dared dream than we ourselves were perhaps able to. I know it made me weep a little, every time I listened to it and watched the video. Now that Obama has won the presidency, Will.i.am returns with a musical victory celebration titled "It's a new day." The song is a bit thin; it feels lighter than cotton candy, in all honesty, but it's got a very catchy melody and is eminently hummable. And you know what? After the emotionally intense and soul sapping experience that was the campaign, this is exactly what we need right now. So enjoy, Obamanicas. You earned it!

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