Thursday, November 6, 2008

You can't make this stuff up...

You thought it was bad? You're wrong. It was worse, far, far worse. Now, in watching the media conduct the post-mortem on the McCain campaign we're learning some truly terrifying facts about Sarah Palin. Perhaps the most stunning testament to the Alaska Governor's unsuitability for the position to which she had been appointed are the recent revelations of her geographical illiteracy. According to Fox News reporter Karl Cameron, Palin was unaware of such basic facts as which countries are covered under the North American Free Trade Agreement and, more stunningly, that Africa is a continent comprising many countries, as opposed to a single country of itself. Now that's just jaw dropping ignorance right there, and the fact that this claim is being revealed on Fox News should put a damper on any charges of unfair treatment by liberal reporters.

But this news, shocking as it is, isn't necessarily the most outrageous. Take a look at Bill O'Reilly's reaction to these revelations and ask yourself: has the Republican party "gotten it" yet? Or are they still a danger to themselves and others? The fact that O'Reilly brushes aside these revelations of supreme ignorance by pronouncing them easily correctable through tutoring very much suggests the latter. O'Reilly is a leader of the conservative movement, and the fact that he and others are so eager to overlook the Alaska Governor's rank unsuitability for the position in order to advance their political agenda gives ample testament to their demagoguery as well as the danger that they and their opportunistic anti-intellectualism pose to the nation. The GOP simply cannot be allowed to govern this nation again.

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