Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain/Palin's Awful Supporters

In case you need a little more prodding to convince yourself to pull the lever for Obama on Tuesday, here's one reason to do the right thing: You don't want to be in any way associated with McCain/Palin and their awful supporters. Click the videos below to see some examples of McCain/Palin supporters at their worst.

There is, for example, the woman who refused Halloween candy to children who support Obama:

Then there's Ashley Todd, a Texan volunteer for the McCain campaign who manufactured an assault by a fictional black man in a race baiting attempt to sway the Pennsylvania vote:

And who can forget the racist old man at the McCain/Palin rally who waved around a Curious George doll with an Obama bumper sticker around its head, then sheepishly gave it away to a nearby child when he began to feel uncomfortable with the attention he was receiving:

And finally, there's the angry mob of McCain/Palin's misinformed, hate-filled supporters generally. Take a look at Miss Crazy Eyes, here, for instance. Where did the McCain campaign come up with her? Was she lifted stright out of a Japanese horror movie? Whetever the truth is, she'll probably end up haunting your nightmares for weeks to come, unexpectedly popping her head into your field of vision to inquire sarcastically: "When did you first learn of O-ba-ma? Exactly, sir!":

Seriously, you don't want to be in any way associated with any of these people.

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