Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can it get any more ridiculous?

It's hard to imagine how the whole Sarah "Evita" Palin thing could get any more ridiculous than it already has, but... well it has. As anyone who's not just returned from a month long Arctic expedition knows by now, that ordinary hockey mom Sarah Palin who's just like you and me was recently the beneficiary of a $1,500.00 $150,000.00 shopping spree at Sacks 5th ave., Neiman Marcus and several other super fancy shopping outlets that mere mortals only dream of. And this proved to be a bit of an embarrassment to the Palin campaign because... well, after all, deep down inside she's just an ordinary hockey mom who shoots moose and whose kids are all in trouble and getting pregnant and stuff and who's always getting nabbed using her gubernatorial office to pursue her personal vendettas... you know, every day blue collar working class hero stuff. Which is why she'd make the world's most awesoe president, dontcha know? So what the Hell is she doing at Neiman Marcus?

Well now a chastened Sarah Palin has shed her haute couture acoutrements and in a move that's not at all patronizing to her base of poor, illiterate, angry, white evangelicals, she's going about in clothes that were purchased in a consignment shop... and not just any consignment shop, mind you, but Sarah Palin's very own favorite consignemnt shop, a shop so blue collar and ordinary working class that it doesn't even bother calling itself a "shoppe." See, people? She's one of us!

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Progress_for_America said...

I absolutely agree. Also I love how she calls herself" part of the middle class" but yet she buys$150,000 in clothing. Sorry Sarah, that's not middle class, it's Hypocrisy. Thank you Patriot's Quill for helping shed the "true America" light on this subject. God Bless *Progress_for_America*