Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Least credible claim...

What's the least credible claim John McCain has ever made? I'd vote for this exchange with NPR's Steve Inskeep:

MR. INSKEEP: Given what you’ve said, Senator, is there an occasion where you could imagine turning to Governor Palin for advice in a foreign policy crisis?

SEN. MCCAIN: I’ve turned to her advice many times in the past. I can’t imagine turning to Senator Obama or Senator Biden because they’ve been wrong. They were wrong about Iraq, they were wrong about Russia. Senator Biden wanted to divide Iraq into three different countries. He voted against the first Gulf War. Senator Obama has no experience whatsoever and has been wrong in the issues that he’s been involved in –

As Andrew Sullivan rightly notes: McCain's only known Palin for a couple of weeks. What foreign policy advice could he possibly have sought from her "many times"?

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A S H L E Y said...

There are so many lies it's hard to pick the biggest, most blatant, but this one is pretty glaring. Somehow the woman who didn't know what the Bush doctrine was (even though she subscribes to it, almost more so than Bush himself at this point) is able to give McCain advice on foreign affairs? I hope she told him to watch for Putin's head as it enters our air space! I hear that's a danger of some kind, but of what I'm not sure.