Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama's Kenyan Voodoo

Now, a message from the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party (AKA the base):

Dear friends:


Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about Barack Obama's family in Kenya that he is calling a special prayer meeting in his home to pray against the witchcraft curses attempted by them against John McCain and Sarah Palin.
That's right, according to some of Sarah Palin's most fervent nutty supporters, the reason John McCain is behind in the national polls right now has mostly to do with Obama's African voodoo witchcraft than a genuine desire on the part of the American people to start a fresh after the disaster of the Bush presidency.

(Tanks to wonkette commenter wagthegod for the sip)

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mwahome1 said...

What Barack did or didn't do to get in the presidence is irrelevant. Leave him alone, because you can't defeat him.