Monday, October 13, 2008

Sean Hannity's BFF

The New York Times delivers the goods on Andrew Martin, a longtime favorite of right-wing blogs, who was deemed mentally unstable by the Illinois Bar in the 1970s, and the man who was given a forum, by Fox News and Sean Hannity, to spin absurd conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's religious and racial background: various court papers, Mr. Martin had impugned Jews.

A motion he filed in a 1983 bankruptcy case called the judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”

In another motion, filed in 1983, Mr. Martin wrote, “I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did.”

In an interview, Mr. Martin denied some statements against Jews attributed to him in court papers, blaming malicious judges for inserting them.

But in his “48 Hours” interview in 1993, he affirmed a different anti-Semitic part of the affidavit that included the line about the Holocaust, saying, “The record speaks for itself.”

When asked Friday about an assertion in his court papers that “Jews, historically and in daily living, act through clans and in wolf pack syndrome,” he said, “That one sort of rings a bell.”

He said he was not anti-Semitic. “I was trying to show that everybody in the bankruptcy court was Jewish and I was not Jewish,” he said, “and I was being victimized by religious bias.”

That's the man that Sean Hannity, who laughably, has referred to himself as a "journalist," relied upon for much of his televised attack on Barack Obama a few days ago.

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