Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain can still win this thing...

Weekly Standard editor William Kristol (who has never been wrong about anything) explains how John McCain can still win the elections:

The odds are against John McCain and Sarah Palin winning this election. It's not easy to make up a 6-point deficit in the last four weeks. But it can be done.

Look at history. The Gore-Lieberman ticket gained about 6 points in the final two weeks of the 2000 campaign. Ford-Dole came back more than 20 points in less than two months in the fall of 1976. Both tickets were from the party holding the White House, and both were running against inexperienced, and arguably risky, opponents.

So Kristol's perfectly reasonable analysis: McCain can still win this contest, just as Ford did in 1976 and Gore did in 2000.

I think I'm liking this guy William Kristol.

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