Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palin: Ladies, vote for me or you'll go to Hell.

Sarah Palin plays the "lady card" in a spectacularly clumsy fashion. If Barack Obama asked African American's to vote for him because he's African American, the GOP and the press would be all over that statement, calling it divisive and shallow. It would also be a stupid thing to say. Nor do I believe Hillary Clinton would say anything so craven. Say what you want about Hillary, but she understood that she had to speak to everyone if she stood a chance of attaining her party's nomination and the presidency. She wasn't brought on board a foundering campaign at the last minute by a desperate candidate hoping to rein in a particular demographic. Sure the Clinton campaign had its share of "girl power" moments, but never anything even approaching a this vulgar "vote for me because I have a womb" proposition.

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