Thursday, March 26, 2009

As in Basketball: Life

I think there's a Metaphor hiding in Barack Obama's NCAA tournament prognostication. When the president first revealed his bracket, commentators pronounced themselves disappointed with the conservatism of his picks, choosing only four outcomes that might be considered "unsafe bets."

Obama's bracket shows no love for, or belief in, the little guy. Maybe former RNC spokesman Alex Conant was right when he wrote this week that the No. 1 myth about the president is that he's bold.
But guess what? Obama's judgment is once again proving sound:

Louisville made quite a rally. President Barack Obama did, too.

The president's NCAA tournament bracket looked a lot better Sunday when he correctly picked 14 of the 16 teams to reach the regional semifinals.

After the first round, Obama ranked in the bottom 5 percent of the 5-plus million fans who entered's pool. But following a strong showing in the second round, he broke into the top half
Does this situation have an air of famliarity to it? How everyone was discounting Obama's chances against Clinton in the primaries, and yet he came back to claim the prize? How two weeks ago everyone was calling for Tim Geitner's head and now the economic outlook seems to be improving and Getner's a hero and Obama's decision to hire him again seems wise and prescient?

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