Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lamest "Explainer" ever...

Slate.com has this feature called "The Explainer." Basically, it's a column devoted to answering questions about topics of the day in ways that might enlighten and surprise the average reader because the explanation is often so gosh darn unexpected and counter-intuitive: Golly willikers, I would never have guessed the origins of the modern helicopter can be traced to a drawing of Leonardo Davinci's!

Today the topic is "Were There Sex Shops in the Time of George Washington?" and let me warn you before you keep on reading, spoiler alert, spoiler alert! OK, so the answer is:

No, there were no sex shops in Washington's day, as you probably assumed up to now, but there were prostitutes, which you probably also knew, given that it's the world's oldest profession and all.

The end.

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Mo MoDo said...

No, but I hear Martha Washington had a wooden dildo.