Friday, March 27, 2009

Fairly unbalanced

Wonkette brings to my attention this jaw-droppingly stupid segment that ran recently on Fox News. In it some minor mob figure named Michael Francese pimps a book that claims to show that the Obama administration is operating like a Mafia crime family. No, I'm not kidding!

Once again, the Right proves immune to parody. How could a Saturday Night Live skit improve on this stupidity? At any rate, I think my favorite moment in the interview is when the supposed Mafia Crime boss says matter-of-factly: "To me I want less government intervention in my life." Yes, I realize this is standard Right-wing mantra, but... he's a friggin' mob boss, people (supposedly), of course he wants less government intervention in his life. Shesh!

At any rate, there's also a little something in it for Jonah Goldberg at the end there when anchor Brian Kilmeade speculates that George Soros may have engineered the current economic crisis for his own financial benefit (no Right-wing paranoia there, eh, Goldberg?).

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