Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New GOP Startegy: Lie... Just Lie.

So apparently, the latest GOP strategy to counter the Obama stimulus package is to simply lie about what is in it. We saw this when LA governor Bobby Jindall claimed that the stimulus package included $140 million for volcano monitoring (it doesn't: that $140 million funds the US Geological Survey which does a whole lotmore than just volcano monitoring) and now Republican hacks, with the enthusiastic aid of Fox News are claiming that the Federal Budget includes funding for a rairoad line connecting Dinseyland with the Bunny Ranch brothel in Las Vegas. The problem is, such funding is no where in the bill, and the GOP knows it. Think Progress notes:

ThinkProgress was unable to find such an earmark in the omnibus spending bill. When asked to point to the specific provision, Franks’ office would only tell ThinkProgress to contact Reid’s office.

Reid’s office confirmed that Franks is referring to a proposal to refurbish a historic railroad line between Gold Hill, NV, and Carson City — hardly a direct line from L.A. to the “doorstep” of a brothel.
See the video of the exchange at ThinkProgress.org.

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Anonymous said...

I knew it was a lie. The Bunny Ranch's "contractors" are adult women hookers. Based on the GOP's string of sex scandals, not a favorite among the GOP's operatives.