Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Un-American Activities

Noah Pollak of the neo-con rag Commentary chides Andrew Sullivan for not noting that Pat Buchannan called AIPAC "un-american" before Commentary called Buchannan's magazine "un-American."

I wonder if Andrew feels a similar incredulity at the headline of Pat Buchanan’s latest column: “UnAmerican Activities: The Israeli Lobby’s Assassination Of Chas Freeman.”
But daddy... she did it first!!!

God, it's nice to be watching this one from the sidelines.

At any rate, Pollak continues:
In my opinion, a magazine that attempts to undermine the democratic legitimacy of the contribution of Jews to the public debate by repeatedly referring to them as a “fifth column” is indeed an un-American publication.
Yeah, excuse me but when did AIPAC, Commentary and a bunch of right-wing Likudnicks become synonimous and co-extensive with the term "Jews"? Last time I checked, the only requirement for being a Jew was that one's mother be a Jew. There's no "membership in AIPAC", "Commentary subscription," or "enthusiastic warmonger" requirement that I know of. Indeed, polls show that most American Jews abhorr the Likudnik ideology that AIPAC and its ilk promote. This attempt by AIPAC and its supporters to claim the mantle of Jewsihness, to say that they speak for all Jews in America is simply an illegitimate power grab, and a lie.

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