Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Santelli: Worthless Hack

Rick Santelli tries to defend himself:

Let's face it: Santelli is simply trying to foment populist outrage and channel it against the Obama administration, which is propping up AIG in order to avert a world depression. We were brought to the brink of this financial disaster by Santelli's Republican pals in Washington, the financial "geniuses" he worships, and by a complacent financial media apparatus that's more interested in pushing toss-of-the-dice stock picks than uncovering the bad governance, lack of transparency, and outrageous business practices that led us here. It's a nice two-for-one: provide cover to your buddies and their million dollar bonuses while attacking Obama for trying to fix the mess you contributed to. I don't think it's going to work, certainly not in an era in which John Stewart commands far more respect than any "real" news broadcaster.

Any time you hear Santelli and his ideological bretheren on CNBC decrying the billions we're spedning in hopes of averting financial catastrophe you can basically turn the channel to nickelodeon or cartoon network. You'll learn more about world affairs from watching 10 minutes of Scooby Doo than ten hours of these idiot rants on CNBC.

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The Sardonicist said...

i find it interesting that jon stewart, self-admittedly the host of a comedy show that is on right after a show about sock puppets, has drawn the attention of bonafide news programs on sunday morning, in particular "meet the press". while he wasn't mentioned by name, the outrage he unleashed regarding CNBC's and other financial news outlets lack of investigative reporting was directly referenced.

jon stewart commands respect because he makes sense. he says what we're all thinking, and he puts it in perspective. just go back to all the clips of "indecision 2008". sure they're funny, but when you actually stop to hear what is actually being said, all of a sudden it's not so funny to think what happened to this country over the last 8 years, and what almost happened for the next four.