Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Logan's Run

National Review contributor and 62 year-old John Derbyshire just can't imagine why anyone would want to live into his 80's.

If these humongous health insurance premiums I'm paying every month are caused by whining dotards demanding hip replacements, I say bring on the Soylent Green.
It'd be interesting to check in on Derbyshire again when he's 79, hand him a pistol and ask him if he's ready to "take one for the team" because I'm sick of paying high health insurance premiums.


yellojkt said...

At Obama's Inauguration Concert, a rather spry 89-year-old Pete Seegar rather briskly trotted off the stage at the end of his set.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

If Derbyshire wants to get Kuru (the cannibal equivalent of Mad Cow disease) then it's fine with me. Problem is, we can't tell the difference.