Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A looming PR disaster for the GOP? (Yes, another one)

As if things weren't bad enough for the Republican brand right now, the GOP is facing the very real prospect that the party's first African American chairman may be unseated within weeks of taking office by a white South Carolina politician who boasts that the event that drove him into politics was the desegregation of his high-school. Let us not forget that Michael Steele's most visible faux-pas was criticizing talk-radio hate-monger Rush Limbaugh and insisting that he, as GOP party chairman, and not Limbaugh was the leader of the Republican party.

Good times, people... good times.

(Via: Wonkette)


Mo MoDo said...

Serves Steele right for getting so uppity.

I can say 'uppity' can't I?

Patriot's Quill said...

Only if some of your best friends are black, Mo MoDo. Then it's clearly not a racist observation.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Ken Blackwell has also turned on Steele (after his endorsement helped Steele win the RNC job in the first place). This is probably the only way the GOP can save a little face here, by tossing out one of their three prominent African-American leaders for another.

And just in case Blackwell doesn't work either, there's always the third -- J.C. Watts.