Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quote for the day

"Is it the Kindle where you can read a book? I take it that's from a satellite. So the existing statute would probably prohibit that under your view? … If this Kindle device where you can read a book which is campaign advocacy, within the 60- to 30-day period, if it comes from a satellite, it can be prohibited under the Constitution and perhaps under this statute?"

Justice Anthony Kennedy, exposing the depth of his technical saavy during oral arguments at the Supreme Court (it's all satellites these days, people... didn't ya know that?). What do you want to bet that Kennedy does not while away the hours reading Gizmodo?


Anonymous said...

The "America and the Courts" show on C-SPAN radio (I think that's what it called) broadcasted the oral arguments for the Internet-filters-in-libraries case several years ago. The justices were somewhat clueless, but more frightening was that the Solicitor General (Ted Olson at the time) was completely unfamiliar with the relevant technology. Everyone seemed to know the right things to get the matters of law correct, but generally it was pretty hilarious.

dah_sab said...

Ah, c'mon guys. It's so simple. Perhaps you need a refresher course. It's all ball-bearings these days.


Anonymous said...

Dude's a freak. "La la la I sound like an internet noob," meanwhile he's streaming pr0n to his tricked out CIA-enhanced Google device. DONT BE FOOLED

ProblemWithCaring said...

Sigh. I watched Sandra Day O'Connor on The Daily Show and it was all I could to not throw up.

Growing up as a poor black little girl, one can hardly imagine the the type of reverence, admiration and respect I had for this lady. To hear her play down Bush v Gore , questions about the political nature of her retirement timing and the complete selling out to the conservatards she did in her last years on the bench and instead go on and on about how kids don't learn enough "civics" in school is plain fucking DEPRESSING.

Um, Sandra, sweet cowgirl o' mine? American kids can barely fucking read a civics book - and donations from all the rich friends you and your rich friends know all over the world ain't gonna change that.