Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Because You're Paranoid...

Reporting from "planet Corner" Jonah Goldberg expresses his exasperation at charges that the American Right is prone to paranoia:

...Over at The New Yorker, George Packer, echoing many, rehashes the usual talking points about how conservatives are particularly prone to paranoia and populist hysteria. He trots out Richard Hofstadter and Hofstadter's cribbing of the incredibly flawed work by Adorno. I respect Packer, but I find this all so deeply tiresome.

Look, I think there are examples of conservative or right-wing rhetoric getting out of hand vis a vis Obama. I listened to a video clip of Alan Keyes talking about Obama the other day and he might as well have been talking about Pol Pot. But I think most of the rhetoric has been perfectly legitimate given the times we're in and what Obama is trying to do. In particular, as I noted the other day, I love how liberals — who have been pushing to Europeanize American social policy for generations — are suddenly aghast and contemptuous when conservatives complain that liberals want to Europeanize American social policy, just as the liberal effort starts to succeed.

...and just for fun, here's a clip of Goldberg on Glenn Beck's insane TV show, listening as Beck theorizes that the Barack Obama presidency is the culmination of a communist plot devised by Soviet agents of Nikita Kushchev:

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