Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The most disgusting thing I've heard all year

I have heard and read many awful things about Barack and Michelle Obama over the past few months. There is a seething undercurrent of hatred that is cultivated on the Right, which fuels a murderous rage and reminds us that evil is abiding, enduring and omnipresent in our culture. But few things I have heard or read since the innauguration have shocked me as much as hearing this audio clip, in which a vulgar, pathetic right-wing radio personality named Tammy Bruce, refers to Michelle Obama as "trash." Obama's crime? Encouraging young black children to ignore harmful stereotypes and try to perform well in school.

The audio can be heard here.

Please, if you come across this blog posting, let others know about this audio clip. It is important that people of good will understand just who and what we are up against in this country. Demagogues like Bruce are evil. There is no other way to put it. And they are dangerous. What you have just heard is not your typical partisan hackery. It is an appeal to the lowest, most disgusting and base elements of the human soul. It is an incitement to hatred, which is itself an incitement to violence. Only by exposing these cretins for who they really are can they be stopped.

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The Sardonicist said...

you neglected to mention the clip was from the laura ingraham show. that's the same piece of human garbage who 1) called meghan mccain a bad republican because she was fat (using the annoying valley girl accent), 2) then said she didn't say that. and still didn't have the guts to call out rush limburger out on his "plus size".