Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is your brain on Sharia-Law.

A 75 year old woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 75 lashes and deportation (she is of Syrian descent) for having her nephew and his business partner bring bread to her apartment.

I will concede the to world's popes, bishops, imams, shamen and rabbis all the dominion that they wish to claim for themselves in the afterlife. They can have it. Let them have full jurisdiction over the shadow world of death. Let them impose any sentence they wish upon my soul. But when they begin mingling in the worldly laws of living men, their influence all to often proves nefarious, contrary to reason, contrary to life, remorseless and savage. No nation that allows itself to be governed by superstitious old men in robes stands a chance in the 21st century. They doom themseves to living in the shadow of ignorance, poverty, violence and fear. Only Saudi Arabia's vast oil reserves prevent the place fom looking like Afghanistan: a barren desert of stone-aged tribes with rifles. And America, too, could could just as easily fall victim to this madness if we allow ourselves to be seduced by the ignorant rantings of our own power hungry, semi-literate, superstitious, puplit pounding, prophets of hatred.

(Via Andrew Sullivan)


Anonymous said...
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Patriot's Quill said...

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Anonymous said...

Looking at recent history, it seems that Saudi Arabia has exported religious extremism TO Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was making progress until it became a pawn in the Cold War and was then inundated with foreign extremists, including Osama bin Laden.

It's possible that oil wealth itself is trapping the Saudi people in a society where the main power is the religious hierarchy.