Monday, March 16, 2009

Shepherd Smith: Sleeper Agent?

Here are some clips of Fox News Shepherd Smith ridiculing the network's newest wingnut sensation: Glenn Beck.

It's as if Smith is a sleeper agent --the only sane guy at Fox-- and just can't take the secret identity and has decided to out himself. And this isn't the first time Smith has shown himself to be Fox News' only eminently reasonable journalist.

(Hat Tip: Crooks and Liars)


The Sardonicist said...

there have been several snippets shep has let out of the bag, so to speak, (i.e. his rebuke of joe the plumber's belief that a "vote for obama was a vote for the death of israel") that lead me to believe he's the "black sheep" at faux noise.

Anonymous said...

Sure the guy looks like a marionette from the TV Show, the Thunderbirds, and can be irksome with stupid comments, but I admire his ability to speak the truth at Faux.